"Foglietto" Drawing Game

The "Foglietto" Game, consist on drawing in tree persons each one a part of a body. The first person draws a head and gives the paper fold at the height of the neck, to the second person that draws connecting to the neck lines; a torso. The paper now fold at the height of the flanks goes to the third person that draws the legs. Ones finished you can unfold the paper and discover the; most of the time, weird creature. It's important that each person doesn't see the part of the body were is attaching his part, the concept of the game is to obtain a complete accidental combination. Playing this game, me (Pane), Joe and Nico created a series of drawings.

Ink on 220g acid free paper.
paper 30X40 cm, drawing 20X29 cm
big one: paper 40X60 cm, drawing 30X40 cm

  • Foglietti 1
  • Foglietti 2
  • Foglietti 3
  • Foglietti 4
  • Foglietti 5
  • Foglietti 6
  • Foglietti 7
  • Foglietti 8
  • Foglietti 9
  • Foglietti 10
  • Foglietti 11
  • Foglietti 12
  • Foglietti Grande

"Foglietto" Drawing Game Silkscreen

From the drawings produced with the "Foglietto Game" (see product above), we selected four drawings for silkscreen printing. With the "Hero" one, we did print a T-shirt.

Each Silkscreen print is limited to 30 pieces, numbered and signed from Pane, Joe and Nico. The t-shirt is only available in size M, white color.

One color silkscreen print on 180g acid free paper.
Paper 30X40 cm, print 20X29 cm

buy each silkscreen worldwide for € 30,00

buy each t-shirt worldwide for € 15,00

  • Hero Silckscreen1
  • Museum Silckscreen2
  • Mercy Silckscreen3
  • Monkey Silckscreen4
  • Sold Hero Tshirt

An Useless Guide To Italy

This little magazine is the first step of a bigger project called Close To Me that includes the creation of a series of magazines featuring selected artists. In this limited publication the artists; Pane, Nico and Joe, focused on the idea of Italy, selecting and enlarging unique characteristics of the country, including some spelling errors and falsities.

60 pages, black and white digital print.

  • Imgscroll1
  • Imgscroll2
  • Imgscroll3
  • Imgscroll4

Dirt Dont Hurt

This book collects selected artworks of the Why Style collective, featuring the artists: Pane, Joe, Nico, Scarful and Stand. In this visual journey in black and pink, they went looking in modern society contradictions and more.

17x24 cm, 96 pages, two colors ofset print.

  • Dirtdonthurt 1
  • Dirtdonthurt 2
  • Dirtdonthurt 3
  • Dirtdonthurt 4
  • Dirtdonthurt 5
  • Dirtdonthurt 6
  • Dirtdonthurt 7
  • Dirtdonthurt 8
  • Dirtdonthurt 9
  • Dirtdonthurt 10
  • Dirtdonthurt 11

Just Push The Button

Made by Pane, this book is an overview of the writers and the graffiti scene in Rome. Embracing the years from 1990 until 1998 the book especially focuses on the most influentials writers such as Crash Kid(rip), Stand, T-Kid, Tuff, Koma, Sugo and Jon, and the Crews: MT2, ETC, TRV and ZTK, considering all the writers from others country that came to Rome in one of the most florescence period for graffiti in Rome, such as Sento, Fume, Milk, Delta and Set. The book features personal stories narrated by the writers and documentary pictures.

24X21 cm, 120 pages, color/black and white offset print, italian/english texts.

  • Jptb 1
  • Jptb 2
  • Jptb 3
  • Jptb 4
  • Jptb 5


In the occasion of the RomAmsterdam exhibition having place at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere in 2004, viewing the presence of romans and Amsterdam's artists, was published this limited edition folder containing eight fine art lithography each one with the artwork of an artist featured at the show. The prints are made from Nico, Joe, Pane, Stand and Scarful from Rome, and Delta, Machine and Zedz fom Amsterdam.

50X36 cm, 8 prints, color offset print, numbered edition of 300 pieces

  • Ra 1
  • Ra 2

Pane's Pizza

From the passion for cooking of Pane was born this t-shirt with a real size pizza margherita print, contained in a customized pizza box.

Four color silkscreen print on white t-shirt and one color silkscreen print on box.

  • Pizzatshirt 1
  • Pizzatshirt 2
  • Pizzatshirt 3

Pane's Stickers Set

Eight stickers, five colors silkscreen print on transparent adhesive paper.
Size of the biggest one is: 13X11 cm

  • Stickers 1
  • Stickers 2
  • Stickers 3

Pane for Japan

These are two t-shirt design that I've been commissioned to do from Beams-T, a japanese fashion company.

"crew" one color silkscreen print on white t-shirt
"fridge" two color silkscreen print on gray t-shirt

Available at BEAMS-T

  • Tshirtbeams Crew 1
  • Tshirtbeams Crew 2
  • Tshirtbeams Fridge 1
  • Tshirtbeams Fridge 2

P Rabbit

  • Tshirtpane Rabbitgirl 1
  • Tshirtpane Rabbitgirl 2
  • Tshirtpane Rabbitman