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Il gruppo Why Style e Mirai Pulvirenti (
mirai.p@libero.it ) attivo fotografo soprattutto della snena skaiter romana, hanno realizzato una serie di fotografie utilizzate come base per delle pagine pubblicitarie pubblicate sulla rivista Superfly. Testimonial di questa campagna Jon, eclettico skaiter romano che per amicizia e strani eventi incrocia le strade creative di Why Style, prestando la sua figura in questa serie di immagini e contribuendo pi in generale ad altri progetti.
Ecco cosa scrive Jon di Why Style:

Whot write Jon about Why STyle:
Why Style is a question, no doubt. But as I see it, its also an answer. Why Style? Y Style. The Style of Why. In life its important to ask yourself all the time, WHY? Why? To be sincere and understand myself better, accept my feelings, express them, let them out. Ive recreated my personality in the city for all to see. It is dangerous to take so called truths for granted. Most people have such a narrow concept of life and their own capabilities, because there are too many rules and boundaries containing their minds. Go beyond the surface, dig deep down into yourself, past all the superficial meanings, discover the Real You. Im just searching for my own meanings in life, expanding the meanings already out there. Otherwise language is only a trap in a sense, and Ill be expressing myself using words and meanings others have created, thinking they correspond to reality, when in reality I can be the only architect of my personality. So WHY STYLE? Simply to be myself, I myself have created.
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