Fences, installation presented at the Macro museum in Rome for the collective exhibition Cross the Streets
2017 MAY 7 – OCTOBER 1
Cross the Streets is a multimedia exhibition that historicizes the street art phenomenon, the most globally influential art movement of the last 40 years

The installation was produced on the spot, in occasion of the show Cross The Streets at the Macro museum in Rome.
Fences was created in a week time adapting a starting idea to what was to be found and consisted of 5 pieces of railings gathered around Rome in abandoned places.
The railings where connected together with hinges forming a folding structure similar to a Japanese shoji screen.
Colorful pieces of clothes where bought in second hand markets and were stuck and tied to the structure.
The key words for this installation are: property, division, ego, isolation, solitude, control,protection and power.
My purpose was to work with the idea of the separate sense of self, the Newtonian concept that sees humans as separate beings, separate from themselves and the rest of beings and things, a human made of flesh encapsulated conscious manipulating a world of matter, regulated by physic laws. this vision in my opinion is superficial and makes us feel alone in a universe regulated on the contrary by interdependence.